Black Friday deals on airlines are plentiful.

In spite of rising costs, savvy travellers are still able to fly from New York to LA for less than $100.

The idea of Black Friday keeps growing; what began as a stampede of residents from the suburbs pouring into retailers 

 in downtown Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving has transformed, 50 years later, into a period of time when consumers shop for the holidays that simply keeps increasing.

Black Friday sales now go beyond items like clothing, televisions, and kitchen appliances thanks to the growth of online shopping

 Over the last ten years, Black Friday offers have also started to be offered by airlines, cruise ships, hotels, and entertainment venues.

Given the escalating cost of goods, many consumers are delaying purchases until there are reductions

Retail discounting is anticipated to increase to a record 32% between November 1 and December 31, according to Adobe (ADBE) - Get Free Report.