Lionel Messi scores the opening goal of the 2022 FIFA World Cup for Argentina against Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia scores in the match between Argentina and them. 1-1 is the score after the first half

Following VAR intervention, Argentina was awarded a penalty against Saudi Arabia, and Lionel Messi converted it to open his World Cup scoring

Argentina beats Saudi Arabia after Lionel Messi converts a penalty shot.

In the opening game of their campaign, Argentina's star striker smacked the ball past the goal. 

Within minutes of the game's beginning, Messi fired a strike that stunned the Saudi Arabian defence. Messi, a seven-time Ballon d'Or winner,

 is one of the favourites this year in his sixth World Cup appearance.

. Experts have full faith his magic would work this time and Argentina can win the cup after

Goal for Saudi Arabia After half time, Saudi Arabia scored a spectacular goal, levelling the score to 1-1. Saleh Al Shehri scored the goal.

How to watch The FIFA World Cup match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia will be played at the Lusail Stadium, and would start at 3.30 pm IST, on November 22.